Australian Broadband Survey 2007

Australian Broadband Survey 2007

Data Related to Web Filtering
For the first time in the history of Australian Broadband Surveys, there was a question in 2007 related to content blocking software and more specific to the Australian government’s plan to implement a mandatory content filtering system to all ISPs (Conroy, 2007).

The questions was “Do you support the government’s policy for mandatory ISP-level content filtering (opt-out)?” and the answer was crystal clear: 22.9% of the respondents disagreed and 51.4% strongly disagreed. There were 2.9% of the participants that strongly agreed, 10.4% simply agreed and furthermore a 12.3% that answered “Don’t know”.


It is important though to state here that Australian government’s plan is to filter not only child pornography material (like BT states for CleanFeed system in UK) but inappropriate content also, something really abstract for the moment.

Source: Koumartzis, N., 2008. BT’s CleanFeed and Online Censorship in UK: Improvements for a more secure and ethically correct system, Ma Publishing (University of the Arts London), 2007-8.

About the Survey
The Australian Broadband Survey for 2007 was conducted over a four week period — from 31 December 2007 to 1 February 2008, during which the survey was successfully completed and verified a total of 17,881 times.
As this was an open survey, we have been extremely rigourous about maintaining data integrity. Therefore we have only considered submissions that had been validated, and have also carefully eliminated any instances of ballot stuffing which might have occurred.
When you read the results, it’s important to keep in mind who was surveyed. These results largely represent the views of informed opinion leaders, and informed consumers. We have not attempted to normalise the results to represent the broader marketplace, as we believe the information to be more valuable with this bias intact.
The group surveyed are more likely to be advising friends, family and co-workers on which ISP to join. Broadband service providers should pay close attention to this demographic, as their influence wields significant impact.

Source:, 2007. Australian Broadband Survey 2007, Consumer Sentiment Report. Retrieved at October 15 2010 from

About Whirlpool
Whirlpool is an Australian broadband user web site, started in 1998 by founder, Simon Wright. Since then, it has grown significantly with over 370,000 registered users (as of 23 July 2010) while remaining independent.

Source: Wikipedia, 2010. Whirlpool (website). Retrieved at October 25 2010 from

Additional References
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